5 Macam Mesin Mie Terbaik Untuk Kebutuhan Usahamu

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The noodle machine  that will be discussed is a Noodle Making Machine from Indonesia. Has used economical electricity and can mass produce noodles. This noodle machine from Indonesia is also capable of making various kinds of noodles with different sizes.

This Noodle Machine From Indonesia May Be Suitable For Your Business

KL 945 Noodle Machine

mesin mie paling murah dengan kualitas terbaik dari indonesia

The KL 945 Noodle Making Machine is the first noodle machine that is in demand in the market. Carrying a work in making large quantities of noodles. It has been provided with a 4.5 inch diameter noodle mill. This machine can make straight noodles automatically and curly noodles manually.

Type KL 945
Power 550 watt
Capacity 10-20 kg/jam
Dimension 126 x 55 x 131 cm
Weight 151 kg

KT 955 Noodle Machine

alat pembuat mie press dan potong mie

Furthermore, there is the KT 955 Noodle Machine with a capacity greater than KL 945. This KT 955 Noodle Making Machine already has a conveyer on the table. The purpose of this conveyer is to automatically curl the noodles. Only uses electricity that is minimalist and energy efficient.

Type KT 955
Power 750 watt
Capacity 30-40 kg/jam
Dimension 156 x 61 x 132 cm
Weight 190 kg

KT 985 2S Noodle Machine

mesin mie besar ratusan kilogram perhari

This machine can also be called a mustard noodle machine. Able to make noodles with an amount of 100 Kg per hour. Consists of 2 stacked noodle mills which will make the noodles more chewy and delicious. This machine is suitable for factories or home industries that make large quantities of noodles. The design of the KT 955 2S Noodle Machine is quite elegant and quite good.

Listrik 1500W – 220 V | 1 Phase
Kapasitas 100kg/h
Dimensi (cm) 274 x 71 x 133 cm
Berat (kg) 500 kg

GB 955 Noodle Machine

mesin mie multifungsi untuk perporsi otomatis

The GB 955 Noodle Machine is arguably a super complete special machine. Can make 100 Kg / hour noodles. The GB 955 Noodle Making Machine can perform many functions. Starting from grinding noodles, cutting noodles, to rolling noodles per serving. Suitable for those of you who don’t want to bother and want to be practical.

Listrik 1500W – 220 V | 1 Phase
Kapasitas 100kg/h
Dimensi (cm) 257 x 74 x 139 cm
Berat (kg)

GO 945 Noodle Machine

mesin pembuat mie dan pembuat kulit pangsit serta cetakan mie

The last one is the GO 945 Noodle Making Machine. A machine capable of rolling up the sheets of noodle dough automatically. So you don’t have to bother pressing each dough and rolling it again. Only uses 600 watts of electricity.

Listrik 600W – 220 V | 1 Phase
Kapasitas 15-20kg/h
Dimensi (cm) 200 x 62 x 130 cm
Berat (kg) 160 kg

Those are some Automatic And Electric Noodle Machines From Indonesia. Can be selected according to your needs. The noodle making machine is from Bayoran Teknik. Bayoran Teknik is a company engaged in the manufacturing of Noodle Machines from Indonesia. It has been around for more than 30 years and its noodle machines are almost used throughout Indonesia. Able to produce the best noodles with high quality noodle machines. Hopefully this article was helpful. Bayoran Teknik Original Indonesian Noodle Machine World Quality.

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